How to rent a car the smart way

Search for the lowest price...

When you are just looking for the lowest price, you should at least check the fuel policy: some rental companies want you to buy a full tank of gasoline from them, more often than not for an extremely high price. You are supposed to bring the car back with an empty tank: they don't refund any gasoline that's left. When you are looking for the cheapest car these companies appear at the top, because part of the price you pay is hidden in this fuel policy.

Also check what you pay for extra's that depend on your personal wishes and usually are not included in the quoted price, like GPS rent, second driver fee and child seats.

An insurance to cover excess (own risk) is much cheaper when you buy it from our brokers than when you buy it when you collect the car at the pick-up desk of the rental company. However, when you buy it from a broker the rental company will block the amount of excess on your credit card (because in case of any damage your insurance pays your excess back to you and not to them), so be sure your card has enough limit.

... or search for the best deal

If you want a hassle-free experience, service is just as important as a good price. Nobody wants to wait for hours at the pick-up office or a whole day for a replacement when the rental car has broken down, no matter how low the price is. Learn from our customers' experience and check how they review and rate the service both brokers and rental companies delivered. You can find reviews and ratings on all our pages.

Read the small print!

This is the moment to take some time to check rental conditions and arrange insurances. Not when you arrive at the pick-up office, tired after a flight or in a hurry to get the car and drive away.

Most complaints we collect via our customer satisfaction survey are about things that are stated in the rental conditions of brokers and car rental companies you have to agree to when you book the car. So how annoying it may be: you really should read the small print before you make a reservation.