Pitfall 1: Excessive insurances

One of the most common complaints we get is that the staff at the pick-up office of a rental company tries to sell you excessive insurances. Often they get a commission for every extra they manage to sell and some employees use every trick (and lie) to scare you in order to sell insurances you allready have. Just for their own benefit.

The price of our brokers allready includes most insurances you need: Third Party Liability, Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection. And they all offer an extra insurance to cover excess (own risk) for reasonable prices. Prices that are much lower than those of excess insurances rental companies sell.

One of the most common tricks the staf of pick-up offices use to sell excessive insurances is to say your excess insurance is not valid, so they have to block the amount of the excess (own risk) on your credit card. Unless you also buy their (expensive) insurance... That's a lie. Your excess insurance does refund your own risk, only afterwards and to you, not to them. That's the real reason they block that money on your credit card: to be sure they get the excess that will be payed back to you.

Figure out which insurances you allready have and which extra insurance you need before you make a reservation. When you are sure about the insurances you have, nobody at the pick-up office is able to put you under preasure to buy excessive insurances!